We repair all brands and models. Our technicians do it all: fridge repairs, Wine Cooler repairs, Wine Cooler service and Wine Cooler maintenance. Our main goal is to provide same day appliance repair and affordable appliance repairs.

From repairs to control calibrations and new installations, we do it all. Boston has served our clients and our community for 80 years now. When you call to our company for service, your wine refrigerators are in good hands.

We Can Fix Your Wine Refrigerator

Is your wine refrigerator full of condensation, ruining labels and corks? It is not getting cool enough? We can handle your wine refrigerator fix. We don’t replace systems the moment that goes something wrong. We find solutions to problems and repair systems to keep the running properly longer.

If you need sub zero refrigerator repair san diego you can call our partner’s or fill online request.

Expect to find wine refrigerators with chrome/wire racks and wood racks. Generally speaking, coolers of higher quality are fitted with wood racks. Four keys to successful wine storage are constant temperature between 55 and 57 degrees F, humidity levels between 50 and 70 percent, darkness to prevent damage from fluorescent and ultra-violet light, and a stable environment free from agitation to preserve flavor and bouquet.